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72 hours Book Special – The Menopause Success Triangle

How to beat menopause with ease.

Special Digital Book Sale – June 13 Thur June 15th 11:59 PM EST.     Purchase a copy of  The Menopause Success Triangle – How To Live  Healthy, Happy, Menopause Life. Today!!! Grab a copy Today… Let me know what you think and if you have any questions Please head over to our amazing Facebook […]

How To Boost Your Energy and Stay Focused

Menopause Motivation Blog Post

5 Ways To Stay Focused and Energized Through Menopause   It’s a new year and a new beginning to get on the healthy and happy train. 2013 has come and gone and thank God we’re able to look back and learn from all that we experienced last year. This is my first post of 2014 […]

5 Worst Forgotten Menopause Symptoms

My Menopause Fix & Lynette Sheppard

Lynette Shepard The Menopause Goddess Blog It’s December here in lovely cold New York and the holiday season is upon us. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my amazing grandmother and best friend Rahzco ( My Black Lab) I know I haven’t been posting as much lately and I apologize for that but I will […]

3 Best Ways to Deal with Menopause

guest post

Guest Post By: Claudia Etura Menopause is the onset of a new phase in a woman’s life. Many women think that menopause ends the frills and thrills in their life. You should realize that this is the right time for women to revive themselves and fill their lives with energy and positivity. But there are […]

Venus Factor

venus Factor image

Would you like to 10 Pounds? Warning:  Venus Factor, a fitness program specifically designed for women of all ages. The primary focus of this program is not weight loss or burning excess body fat. It is all about getting that magical feminine shape!   Ladies Mr. Menopause aka Coach Kris here with a slight change in today’s blog post. […]

I’m A Coach…You Want To Hire Me?


    I’m a Coach. I’m a life coach. I’m a Health Coach. I’m a strength coach. I think you get the picture. Coaching is a broad field with thousands of different coaches in the world. There is a lot of confusion about what makes a good coach vs. a bad coach. So today’s blog […]

Keeping “COOL” During Menopause – Product Review

keep your cool

Hot, anxious, frustrated? Much of these are symptoms of menopause. Your flashes are impossible, you’re trying to keep “cool”–but can’t. By now you’re probably feeling like taking your clothes off and tired of fanning yourself in public. The embarrassment is beyond what you could ever dream of. As I sat at dinner with several other […]

9 Websites To Visit If You Want to Shine Like a Diamond

choose to shine

Menopause is a natural process that usually occurs when you’re in your mid-forties to early fifties. It can cause many symptoms leaving you to feel as though you’re stuck in a whirl wind of mayhem.  It more than often leads women to feeling confused, disorganized and not great about themselves.                                                  9 websites/blogs that I […]