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Bye, Bye Menopause Stress

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Are you just about ready to rip your hair out of your head?  Is stress taking over? I know the feeling. The past few weeks have been challenging ones for me.  Despite all the wonderful and happy occasions, many obstacles have occurred.  The most disrupting one being coming home to three inches of water in my basement after the water heater decided to do its own thing while I was away over night.

At first I kept my cool but shortly after the stress level rose and the raging hormones kicked in.  The mood swings began, the anxiety level was through the roof, the hot flashes wreaked havoc and boy was I ready to scream. It was then that I decided to take a 15 minute walk to reduce the anxiety level in order to be able to deal with the mess ahead of me.

Coping with stress can be challenging for women in general but during menopause serotonin, the essential neurotransmitter for stress management and mood swings is not produced quickly. The constant production of stress hormones can make it difficult to lose weight, decrease your estrogen level and reduce your bone density. Other ailments such as migraine headaches, acid reflux, joint pain and a lowered immune system may occur.

Reducing and managing stress can make a huge difference in how well you will respond to menopausal hormone changes. There are several simple ways that you can incorporate into your hectic life

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*Find and do a pleasurable activity that you enjoy

*Do things for yourself that remind you that you are important. Go for that massage and or facial, get your manicure and pedicure or simply relax by taking that hot bath

*Take time to relax, read a book or do what is restful and peaceful for you

*Make time to meet and talk to your friends and family

*Eat smart. Try to avoid sugar and the simple carbs. Eat vegetables, whole grains and fruit. Avoid salt, alcohol and caffeine

*Exercise every day for at least 15 minutes. During the warm weather, outside is best. It can be as simple as a walk in the park

*Connect with something that nourishes your spiritual self

*Meditate, practice deep breathing and relaxation exercises

*Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. It helps maintain healthy weight, improves moods, increases energy and helps memory

*Have sex. Orgasms release hormones to reduce stress

*Manage your response to stressful events by keeping them into perspective

*LAUGH (this is my favorite). It reduces stress, keeps you smiling and keeps you in the happy mood

Now that you have simple steps to manage stress, don’t wait to say goodbye to stress. Walk through the peri-menopause and menopause years with ease.

Tell us about how you plan to get rid of stress to make the menopause years simpler.

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Until next time, Be empowered, Stay motivated, Be connected…Always AnnaMaria, Senior MMF Contributor, CPT, RMA

“The MenoDiva”

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