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Early Menopause Symptoms and Signs

Early Menopause symptoms and signs go unnoticed predominantly if you are younger than the stated age.  You may be wondering if you are entering menopause. The exact point when this transition begins varies from women to women as does the severity of menopausal symptoms. The transition period can last from two to ten years before menopause is officially reached.

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early menopause, early menopause symptoms, early menopause signsMost women reach menopause after 45 with the average being 51 years old. Approximately 90% of women undergo menopause between 45-55 while 5 percent reach early menopause between 40-45 and the other 5 percent reach late menopause after the age of 55.

Perimenopause is the phase which leads up to menopause. The phase in which your last period occurs and lasting for a complete year. Your estrogen level begins to decline during perimenopause and either subtle or no-so subtle symptoms begin.

Here are 5 symptoms and signs that you may be entering perimenopause leading to menopause can include:

  1. Menstrual Cycle Changes: is one of the first signs but usually ignored. Women begin noticing shortened, lengthened menstrual cycles or missed cycles. Many women ignore this as they do not correlate it as a symptoms or sign of early menopause. Women should not ignore the possibility of pregnancy as it can be an option.
  2. Mood Changes:  women begin to suffer from anxiety, lack of patience, irritability, and can flip a mood switch in a matter of two seconds. They at times feel sad or suffer symptoms for no apparent reason. This can become extremely debilitating and women begin to feel as though they are losing it.
  3. Hot Flashes: this symptom and sign may begin as an occasional feeling of warmth as you are transitioning into the phase of perimenopause. At first you might relate it to wearing too many clothes. Some women suddenly experience hot flashes with a burning sensation that is disturbing. Many women are woken through the night feeling hot. This leads to interrupted sleep and may lead to mood swings throughout the day. It may also be due to night sweats or hot flashes or just a restless unexplained wakefulness.
  4. Sleep Pattern Changes: during perimenopause and menopause both progesterone and estrogen levels fluctuate. Progesterone is the key hormone that disrupts sleep.  When progesterone declines menopausal women have difficulty sleeping. It can also be due to night sweats or hot flashes or just a restless unexplained wakefulness.
  5. Declining Sex Drive: your libido may begin to decline but many women attribute this to the chaos of a stressful life or emotional situations or the hectic schedules they follow. Lessened sexual interest does not have to include vaginal dryness. Many women, at some point become less sexually interested.

As you maybe one of the women suffering through the phase of early menopause symptoms and signs, why not get a head start and take control of your newly found life. Begin by acknowledging the phase of menopause and its symptoms by getting a head start. Consider your diet and exercise regimen as well.

Until next time, Be empowered, Stay motivated, Be connected … AnnaMaria

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About the author:  AnnaMaria is a 49 year old single mother of two. She has had the privilege of assisting many perimenopausal, menopausal and post menopausal woman transform their lives not only physically but emotionally. It is with compassion and understanding as she journeys through the phase of menopause to share her experiences and knowledge with all women. Her goal is to empower women to know that age doesn’t matter, to know that they deserve to look and feel their best and to help solve the menopause puzzle.

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