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I just returned from an amazing trip and destination wedding in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico.  I spent the entire time with a group of 60 people which included family and friends. I couldn’t wait to get back and share my experience with all the beautiful menopausal women out there.

As the sun was hot taking the temperature to 85 degrees each day, my first thought was, how was I going to handle it. Then I thought I would uncontrollably perspire the entire time and suffer severe hot flashes.  I also knew that there was no way I was going to follow a healthy diet nor was I not going to have some drinks. I did however, exercise as I took full advantage of the beautiful resort and walked from one end of the resort to the other and used the steps instead of an elevator. I participated in many water sport activities in the pool.  I also took several long walks along the beach which were extremely peaceful.

I was concerned as I follow a healthy diet and rarely drink in order to keep the hot flashes at bay. I was convinced that the exercise would somewhat help and that I would deal with the hot flashes as I planned on having a great time and would not allow the menopausal hormones to interfere. I also knew that relaxation for stress relief would help most of the symptoms that I have been experiencing.

As you may recall in my previous blog several days ago, Bye, Bye Menopause Stress, I discussed how coping with stress can be challenging for women during menopause.  I also discussed how reducing and managing stress can make a huge difference in hormonal balance.  Finally I discussed several ways to reduce and manage stress such as:

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*Find and do a pleasurable activity that you enjoy

*Do things for yourself that remind you that you are important. Go for that massage and or facial, get your manicure and pedicure or simply relax by taking that hot bath

*Take time to relax, read a book or do what is restful and peaceful for you

*Make time to meet and talk to your friends and family

*Exercise every day for at least 15 minutes. During the warm weather, outside is best. It can be as simple as a walk in the park

*LAUGH (this is my favorite). It reduces stress, keeps you smiling and keeps you in the happy mood, for more CLICK HERE

I can now say that following the above definitely has an impact on menopause. After a few days had past, it occurred to me that not only did I not have any hot flashes but I slept extremely well and did not require the air conditioning to be on 50 degrees in order to keep my body temperature cool and contain the hot flashes. This was indeed an AHAA moment.  I began to reflect back at which time I realized the importance of rest and relaxation to relieve anxiety, stress and the brutal, at times intolerable hot flashes. It couldn’t believe how great I felt and at the same time wondered if it were only me that was experiencing the feeling. I began to ask the other menopausal women in my group if they had felt the same.  Most of them hadn’t noticed until I asked. They too then noticed that indeed they hadn’t experienced night sweats or hot flashes.

It has now become clear to me that the lack of rest and relaxation is without doubt connected to night sweats, day sweats and hot flashes. A little bit of natural Vitamin D, the good old sunshine, is also an asset to many of us during menopause.

I hope that you have found this story informational and helpful.

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Until next time, Be empowered, Stay motivated, Be connected…Always AnnaMaria, Senior MMF Contributor, CPT, RMA

“The MenoDiva”

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