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Swollen ankles and Menopause

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Are you suffering from swollen ankles during menopause?  Although it is a common symptom of menopause, not all women suffer from it. Swollen ankles are medically referred to as edema.  It is the occurrence of fluid retention in the spaces between body cells.

There are also other reasons for swollen ankles which may have little or nothing to do with menopause. These reasons can include: sitting or standing for long periods of time, pregnancy, menstrual periods, aging and weight gain.

Menopause is not the only factor for swollen ankles. Certain diseases such as heart, kidney and liver failure are as a result of too much fluid in the body.  Varicose veins, blood clot, malnutrition and leg or feet surgery may also cause swelling.  It has been noted that Hormone Replacement Therapy or estrogen treatment can cause your ankles to swell.

Estrogen and progesterone are said to have impact on the body’s water metabolism. The fluctuating hormone levels during not only peri-menopause but menopause can cause fluid retention.  Weight gain can also attribute to swelling and retention of water.

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While there is no clear explanation for swollen ankles during menopause, it is clear that it is primarily due to retention of body fluids.  The most common reason for swollen ankles and feet are due to the presence of gravity.

A lack of vitamin B can also lead to fluid retention and swelling of ankles. You can take vitamin B supplements or incorporate it into your diet by consuming such foods such as meat, eggs, chicken or fish.

Others ways to reduce the symptoms of ankle swelling include: reducing your sodium intake, following a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to include exercise which may help lessen or prevent the symptoms that may occur during the stages of menopause, leg exercises can be helpful in helping maintain swollen ankles, increase in muscle activity with walking, avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time, and drinking plenty of water.

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