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To Drink or Not to Drink During Menopause

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For all the Green Tea Drinkers, Does Green Tea Increase Menopause Hot Flashes?

The other day I came across an article that I found interesting.  I know that a lot of you like and drink green tea. I also know all the talk about green tea and weight loss.  However, in this article it was interesting to read how it can increase hot flashes which are one of the most bothersome symptoms of peri-menopause and menopause.

The article discussed how green tea has shown promise for treating hot flashes but at the same time can worsen them.  Green tea can trigger hot flashes and so can hot or caffeinated beverages. It contains about 60 mg of caffeine per cup.

While you are in the early stages of menopause and maybe taking birth control pills, and later using hormone replacement therapy during the peri or menopause phases, these medications have been found to impair the body’s ability to metabolize caffeine and increase the effect which has been noted to make hot flashes worse. A possible correlation has been found between caffeine, the kidneys and adrenals, stress and hormones.  The kidneys’ function is to detoxify harmful substances such as caffeine.  The adrenals are responsible for the release of hormones to help your response to stress.  Poor nutrition and chronic stress alter hormone levels and therefore peri-menopausal and menopausal women may have increased symptoms of hot flashes.

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The article also discussed how green tea can be used for hot flash relief during menopause.  A study found that green tea has a “C” rating, which means that the scientific evidence is unclear.  The formula that was used by healthy menopausal women helped relieve menopausal symptoms as well as hot flashes.

So is green tea a friend or foe? There is no single factor; it can be a combination of hormones, food and stress. Since there may be a connection between caffeine and hot flashes it is best to consume it in a reasonable amount, follow a healthy diet and address lifestyle to include stress reduction.

Here are some suggestions to help, use freshly prepared whole grains, legumes, vegetables and some fruit in your diet, drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, spicy foods and hot or cold caffeinated beverages, do not smoke, consider stress reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and exercise.

A simple natural remedy I have found helpful is to drink instead of green tea is one cup of pomegranate juice with a teaspoon of organic sugar, and 10 drops of lime juice. Drink this two to three times per day to relieve hot flashes.

I’m not sure exactly how you feel, but I can say that I would surely want to be healthier and without doubt reduce the hot flash symptoms I experience as they are extremely disturbing.  They also affect my sleep and therefore makes the day ahead of me difficult. It all comes down to making choices and what is the right path and decision for you.

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